Chronic Pain and Losing Your Virginity "Late" with Scarlett Curtis

Welcome to the first episode of Doing It! where Hannah joins author, journalist and activist Scarlett Curtis in her London flat. Together they talk through battles with body image and losing virginities 'late' and ask whether not having sex makes you a 'bad feminist'. They also explore how Scarlett used feminist literature as an antidote to abusive doctor/patient relationships and inspired a road to recovery: "Reading about women’s oppression makes me so happy! It’s like geography nerds.” Finally, they offer insight for aspiring activists with this simple question -- "Where are you best served?".


What we chatted about…

  • Scarlett's chronic pain, and the link between physical pain and mental health.

  • The impact chronic pain and disability has on body image, and why I named by Stoma ‘Mona’.

  • The ethics of being mental health / sex education spokespeople – staying informed & being responsible.

  • Feminism & Scarlett's recovery - “When I talk about feminism I feel like I’m talking about being ill” “[When reading feminist articles] this is it, it makes me feel understood” “Reading about women’s oppression makes me so happy! It’s like geography nerds”

  • Pain is gendered & Scarlett’s experience of abusive relationships with doctors.

  • Losing your virginity “late” and the pressure we put on ourselves.

  • Fear of sex, and why not having sex doesn’t make you a bad feminist.

  • Pink Protest Campaigns

  • Where are you best served: knitting your patch on the feminist quilt!

Useful Links…


Scarlett Curtis is an author, journalist, and activist. She is the curator of Feminists Don’t Wear Pink & Other Lies, a collection of essays by 52 women on what feminism means to them.

In 2017 Scarlett co-founded The Pink Protest, which is a feminist activist collective committed to helping young people take action online and IRL.

Find out more about her work on her website, Twitter and Instagram.




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