How Sexting Can Improve Your Communication & Sexual Pleasure with Eva Bloom

This week, Hannah chats to Sex-Ed YouTuber Eva Bloom - who recently completed her masters' thesis in sexting - about self-discovering, SexTech and how sexting can improve communication & sexual pleasure. They talk about how tech has changed the way we date, and talk about the sex survey Eva did as part of her Masters. They discuss the findings, and whether sexting improves or hinders relationships. Finally, they look at whether sexting habits change with sexual preference, and talk about who was involved in Eva’s data sample.


What we chat about…

  • Biochemistry, University and Sex Ed

  • The history of contraception.

  • Getting into Vlogging, and balancing it against university work

  • Sexplainations, Eva's ex and sexual hangups (& the subtle subtweet of her channel name…)

  • Orgasms, self knowledge, and how discovery is more important than the end point

  • High School, and The Gay Straight Alliance that Eva formed

  • Eva’s experience of exploring her own sexuality

  • Eva's Master's: Sexting, STIs, Satisfaction and Pleasure.

  • SexTech and how tech has changed how we date

  • Is Instagram the new dating app? What is ‘orbiting’?

  • Eva's & Elle Canada: a giant sex survey that was how Eva compiled the data for her thesis

  • How do you analyse romantic habits as a sample?

  • What actually makes a young adult a young adult - how do we choose those definitions?

  • Does sexting open up or close down effective communication?

  • What are the benefits and limitations of non face-to-face interaction?

  • Why can sexting sometimes feel awkward? Should it?

  • Is there a difference between sexual satisfaction and sexual pleasure?

  • Do sexting habits vary with sexual preference? Is there a group that sexts the most?

  • Most interesting use of SexTech? Google Calendars, Instagram, Search Terms.

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Eva is a Sex-ed YouTuber who recently completed her MSc (sexting). She talks on pleasure, social justice, bisexuality and sexual health. Eva is also host of Sex-Ed School.

Find out more about Stevie on her YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.




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