Public vs Private Relationships as a YouTuber with Stevie Boebi

This week, Hannah chats to YouTuber Stevie Boebi about navigating public relationships, and whether having a private relationship is any easier. They talk about how public LGBTQ relationships are important for representation, and Stevie’s personal experience of dating in the public eye. They also discuss polyamory, and whether it’s easier to be non-monogamous if you’re queer or heterosexual. Finally, they chat about different styles of relationships and how there’s no one-size-fits-all.


What we chat about…

  • Setting couples up: Does it ever work out? And Hannah’s experience matchmaking for Stevie.

  • Hannah and Stevie’s similar YouTube taste, including a shared love of Charisma on Command

  • Being Ghosted

  • Sharing relationships on social media, and how to navigate having a public relationship

  • How a public relationship can become like a business, with running couples channels, and then the difficulty of doing break-up annoucements

  • Keeping a relationship private isn’t also easy, with the ups and downs of Finsta Accounts.

  • Protecting non-influencers from public scrutiny.

  • How public LGBTQ relationships are important representation

  • Children & publicity: Where is the line?

  • Monogomish, Polyamory & privacy

  • Queerness and the growing Poly Community -- Ari Ftiz

  • Is there a stigma attached to being non-monogomous in the Queer community?

  • Is it easier to be non-monogamous if you're not heterosexual?

  • Different Poly Relationship Models

  • What is compersion and when do you have it?

  • Why are monogomous people threatened by polyamory?

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Stevie is a YouTuber and content creator who runs a Lesbian Sex Ed video series, as well as other queer educational videos, and videos on disability.

Find out more about Stevie on her YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.




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