Bisexuality and Long Distance Relationships with Melanie Murphy (LIVE)

In this week’s episode of Doing It!, Hannah comes to you live (ish) from Summer In The City where she talks to her close friend, YouTuber, and fellow oversharer Melanie Murphy. They chat about being open online, and Melanie’s experience of bad sex education and exploring her sexuality from an early age. Melanie chats about discovering her sexual identity - whilst being told bisexuality didn’t ‘exist’. They also talk about surviving long distance relationships, before having a Q&A with the audience.


What we chat about…

  • How did Melanie get comfortable being open about her sexuality on YouTube?

  • Becoming more confident through doing YouTube.

  • Bottling things up and learning to share feelings online, with friends and with family.

  • Bad sex education in 90's Ireland, Melanie's confusing first period, and combatting cultural stigmas.

  • Exploring sexuality from an early age: barbie orgies, porn preview and masturbating with a close friend.

  • How Melanie found her identity when she didn’t know bisexuality even existed.

  • How Melanie’s choice was more limited in Ireland, and moving to London helped open up possibilities.

  • Exploring other sexualities - Am I polyamorous? Am I lesbian?

  • Surviving long distance relationships, and Melanie’s tips for making long-distance work (as well as the difficulties!)

  • Dealing with abandonment, trust and communication issues.

  • Q&A with members of the audience:

    • Does Melanie struggle to explain bisexuality to family?

    • Is motorboating a turn on?

    • How do you get comfortable being single?

    • Favourite sexual experience?

    • Does Melanie have a gender preference?

    • Are YouTube's new guidelines affect your ability to monetise sex positive content?

    • How do you date when you're not sure if you're bi or not?

    • How do you recognise when you need time alone after being in a long distance or long term relationship?

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Melanie is a YouTuber, covering topics including sexuality, women’s rights, health and relationships. She’s also an author, having written the non-fiction book Fully Functioning Human (Almost) and the fiction novel If Only.

Find out more about Melanie on her Twitter, Instagram, website and YouTube.




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