Giving Women a Voice and Talking STIs with Oloni

This week, Hannah chats to sexual wellness and relationship content curator Oloni. They talk about what it means to be a self-made sex-expert (and not knowing everything!), and Oloni’s work to empower women to improve their sex lives and their relationships. They also discuss stealthing, and STI stigma, including how to tell your partner you have an STI. Finally, they chat about whether society has really become more sex positive.


What we chat about…

  • Learning sex tips from magazines like Cosmo - why were the tips always about giving pleasure and not receiving it?

  • How Oloni got into writing about sex

  • Being the friend that always talks about sex

  • Being a self-made sex-expert, and the pressure of people calling you a sexologist!

  • The reaction of men to Oloni’s work - why are they afraid of her speaking to women about improving sex and relationships?

  • Being active online and people sharing their stories of sex and relationships with Oloni, as well as the responsibility of this

  • Stealthing, which is when a condom has been removed without the other partner’s knowledge

  • Reactions to stealthing; it’s often not talked about, and there’s also a pressure to please someone else (“It feels better without a condom”)

  • Redefining stealthing as rape

  • STI stigma

  • Telling your partner you have an STI

  • The TV Show Lovesick and it’s portrayal of having an STI

  • Using the word ‘clean’ when talking about STIs, and the language we use around sexual health and our bodies more generally

  • The Big O; Oloni’s book that she is currently crowdfunding for online

  • Squirting - is it pee? Does it contain pee? Where does it come from? How do you do it?

  • The book ‘The Power’, and the importance of a power balance in relationships

  • Are we becoming more sex positive? Is 2019 really the year of ‘sexual wellness’ and what does ‘wellness’ mean?

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Oloni is a sexual wellness & relationships content creator, who co-hosts the Laid Bare podcast. She also runs Simply Oloni, the women’s platform for sex and relationship features, and is currently working on her first book The Big O.

Find out more about Oloni on her Twitter and Instagram.




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