Finding Out You're Pregnant at 5 Months and Mental Health with Yasmin Johal

In this episode of Doing It! Hannah joins YouTuber, blogger and mum Yasmin Johal. They talk about Yasmin’s unique pregnancy story, who found out she was pregnant after five months following doctors’ misdiagnoses. After getting pregnant at the end of her second year of uni, Yasmin discusses how she stayed on as a student (graduating this year!), while being a mum, and what the uni offered (or didn’t) to support her. Sharing about her experience on the mum blog space, they look at its lack of diversity and what the ‘correct’ mum is presented as being. Finally, they discuss their experiences of being a YouTuber at uni, and what makes others see you as ‘successful’.


What we chat about…

  • Doctors’ misdiagnoses, who told Yasmin she wasn’t pregnant for five months, and her experience of confusing symptoms in this time (spine curvature; breasts leaking; lack of period).

  • Yasmin taking five pregnancy tests, and what it was like to be pregnant for this long and not have it confirmed.

  • Her last 3 months of the pregnancy where she was aware of it-- kicking; bumps; 3/4 hospital checkups per week.

  • Using contraception, including Yasmin’s thoughts on the implant, and her body’s reaction to hormones.

  • What postpartum experiences are like for your body, including irregular periods, and how it affects your mental health. They also look at pre-partum experiences: is it anxiety or depression? Yasmin shares her experience of taking a Citalopram antidepressant.

  • What kind of support from Uni does Yasmin get as a parent? Has this support changed over the years, and can we make it better?

  • How the mum blog space lacks diversity, with the 'correct' mum being seen as white, 30+ & wealthy, and the criticism Yasmin has faced.

  • The aspirational vs relatable debate - do YouTubers start off as relatable then become aspirational? Do we want one more than the other?

  • The effects of YouTube culture, and the judgement you get off others when making videos at uni - do you have to be considered ‘successful’ to also be considered ‘cool’?

  • Research says you loose 3-5 core friends when you’re in a relationship - is this true?

  • Could Yasmin be ready for Baby No. 2?


Yasmin is a YouTuber, Blogger, and student from Leeds. She is also mum to one-year-old Remy!

Find out more about Yasmin on her website, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.




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